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In an incomparable setting in the county of la loma on the lower slopes of Úbeda ( Jaen-Andalucia), one of the best Olive Oil, bathed in a sea of olive trees is our mill of last generation, and respectful with the environment. The newly extracted oil is stored in the cellars with controlled temperature, in stainless steel tanks that are responsible for guarding this precious natural juice.

WHITE PORT OILS S. L. is a young family company founded in 2001, belonging to the group of companies Pérez Jiménez. Currently we grow more than 80,000 olive trees in 370 hectares of cultivation spread over three farms in eastern Andalusia (Jaén and Granada), we also have the contribution of farmers of the county that have joined our work with the sole purpose of obtaining a quality oil of recognized varieties of organoleptic characteristics (picual, hojiblanca, arbequina…).

Our annual production is 1 million kilograms of virgin and extra virgin olive oil.

Our Oil:

Our oil is obtained chiefly from the Picual variety, Hojiblanca and Arbequina from several regions of Jaen and Granada and is by the limited production (1,200,000 kilos per year) for what we consider the olives as a fruit throughout the production process, starting with the care and thoroughness of the olive trees, continuing through the collection in the ideal time of maturity of the olive, separated and classified according to qualities, along with the milling daily and the appropriate storage of oil conveniently classified, and ending with his packaging and distribution.

And thanks to its high content in poly phenols, vitamin E, carotenoids, chlorophyll, squalene, etc. , is the best ally against cell oxidation, in the fight against cardiovascular disease and maintenance of the skin.

The extra virgin olive oil produces a series of beneficial effects on our organism:

-Benefits on the circulatory system, thanks to its high vitamin E content, acts on the "bad" cholesterol or LDL, reducing their levels. Prevents cardiovascular diseases.

-Benefits on the digestive system, aid in the digestion process and provides at the same time a antibacterial effect because it has been shown in recent studies that the polyphenols of the virgin olive oil may resist the process of digestion and thus provide the long-awaited antibacterial effect against Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium that causes almost all cases of chronic gastritis registered in the world. It also helps the digestion reducing gastric acidity and preventing the occurrence of ulcers.

-Benefits for the skeletal system, its properties help in the formation and maintenance of the bone structure, so important in children elderly.

-Benefits on the skin, which helps your maintenance, thanks to its moisturising properties and invigorating.

-Benefits at the cellular level, thanks to its powerful antioxidants that help prevent cell death and the emergence of disease for this reason.

-Anti-inflammatory properties, on preventing degenerative diseases, diabetes and on the organs in general, make the extra virgin olive oil a single ally, that should not be missing in our daily diet.


The consumption of extra virgin olive oil, it is a guarantee of quality of life, enabling us to enjoy all the pleasures of the mediterranean cuisine.

Its organoleptic characteristics, we will recall smells and tastes very nice as: smell of fresh fruit or ripe, fruity smell of the forest, the smell of freshly cut grass, apple-like flavor, bitter, astringent, sweet, spicy… these are some of the sensations that will bring us.

Product features that we offer:

Acidity (%)


Index of peroxides







How to buy our oil:



• The goods and services will be available for sale until the end of stock.

• Prices can be modified without notice, but they can never change once accepted (via fax or e-mail) your order.

• Products will be sent to the delivery address you indicate.

• If you are not satisfied with the products purchased, you will be able to return in a term not exceeding 7 days, from receipt of the product. Returns must be sent together with the copy of the packing slip that came with the shipment. For any possible incident or complaint, we recommend that you contact us by email.

• Returns will not admit that they do not come in its original packaging and with the product in perfect condition. The refund shall be effected by transfer.


• All of our products may suffer from technical improvements, change its color or its availability without notice.

• The formalization of an order shall be deemed to be effected under the total acceptance of the general conditions of sale contained in the page.

Orders and Payment Method:

1. Fill out the form on this page.

2. Send this form via email or fax: +34 958 20 06 98.

3. Send transfer amount to purchase Rural Housing: 3023-0110 -46-5521348002.

4. Attach with form copy of the transfer.

5. For any query / clarification or incidents, ask for: D. José López Mobile: 685694061